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Guild Message of the Day - May 28th
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Immortal Generation News

By: Nethor - Added Today

Dragon Soul cleared!

Well done to all the guys and gals who came along with us, here's to many more full clears :)

By: Frenaia - May 17th


So now we've downed 7/8 bosses normal DS.. But we should be moving on to doing heroics very soon :)

Good job guys ^^ We're doing well :D

By: Nethor - April 17th


Well, after a long lead in, we've finally got to raiding!

Thanks goes out to everyone who came along last night, and gratz to all on the downing of the first two bosses in DS10 Normal :) Extra gratz go out to all of you that got gear!

By: Nethor - February 18th


And so it begins, the start of an era.

Join us, and grow alongside us, as we head off on an epic journey (we'll provide the cookies!).

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